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For Websites

Creating an immersive experience for your audience through images and videos for your website.


Your home page is often the first point of contact for your visitors. We specialise in creating captivating welcome videos that immediately convey your brand's personality and message. Our expertly edited videos are designed to leave a lasting impact on your audience, making a strong and memorable first impression.


Professional headshots are essential for creating a credible and approachable online presence. We'll provide you with a series of headshots that will reflect the professionalism and personality of your team or brand.


You can trust Erin O'Cain Film to bring out the best in your website, creating an immersive experience for your visitors. With our content creation service, your website will be an authentic representation of your brand's essence and a powerful tool to engage your target audience.

A welcome video edited for your home page

- Head shots

- 12 still images

- 5 hour day

- Lighting, camera and sound equipment all included


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